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Keeping carpet cleaner... longer.
All of Von Schrader’s Detergents contain a state-of-the-art polymer barrier. This dry, nonresoiling protector prevents the oily, difficult-to-clean soil from attaching itself to fibers. Now routine vacuuming becomes more effective and gradually removes the barrier along with the oily soil. Carpet stays clean longer and is easier to clean next time. The anionic barrier works with other protective treatments that may be built into or sprayed on the carpet, too.

High Performance... and value.
Von Schrader detergents may not be the cheapest option available... but, they are the best value. When you compute the cost per gallon of ready-to-use solution, and see how many square feet of clean fabric you can produce in a short time, you'll know that this premium product is actually less expensive to use than cheaper, watered-down brands.

Here’s how...
1. Determine the cost per diluted gallon of product.

Formula to determine the cost per diluted gallon of product

2. Determine the real cost per square foot cleaned.
Formula for determining real cost per square foot of cleaned carpet

If cleaning price per square foot is $.15, today's average, then $.0033, the cost of chemical per square foot, represents 1% of the cleaning price or one (1) penny of each cleaning dollar. Manpower (labor) cost today will vary from 25% to 35% of the cleaning price. Two things become apparent from these figures.

  • Cheaper chemicals do not offer any significant savings. Even total elimination of chemical cost would not represent a significant savings.
  • Higher quality chemicals reduce the time on the job (labor), and that savings is significant.

Conduct a residue test and see the difference for yourself.
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Clean in no time.
Von Schrader's detergent also has fast drying action which makes it practical to clean any time without the inconvenience of a long drying period. Working together with a Von Schrader machine as an integrated system, Von Schrader detergent delivers deep-down, long lasting cleaning.

What Leading Fiber
Producers Say About Von Schrader Detergents...

Du Pont certified carpet cleaning
Our laboratory has checked your carpet cleaning detergent, and approves its uses in the MASTERSERIES® / Carpet Care System.

AlliedSignal Approved Carpet Cleaning for WorryFree Carpets
Von Schrader products are designed with the environment in mind delivering high performance tested cleaning results. Our products meet all Von Schrader test criteria and requirements for exclusive use with Von Schrader Cleaning Systems.

AlliedSignal Approved Carpet Cleaning for WorryFree Carpets
Our products meet the Green Seal™ environmental standard for industrial and institutional cleaners based on its reduced human and environmental toxicity and reduced volatile organic compound content.

Wear Dated Monsanto approved carpet cleaning
Our testing demonstrates that none of the Von Schrader detergents have an adverse effect on Wear Dated™ Stain Blocker Fibers.

WoolSafe Organization apporved carpet cleaning
The WoolSafe Organization
The advantage of this system is that because of the small amount of water used there is less chance of over-wetting or damage to the backing. This is particularly important on woven carpets. Drying time is also less with this method than with hot water extraction. Tested by Cleaning Research International in accordance with NZWB Test Methods and suitable for use on 100% Wool and Wool-rich carpets.




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