Get the support you need to use your cleaning equipment effectively.

  Get answers to any and all of your questions
with the unique Von Schrader “Hot Line”


When you purchase equipment from Von Schrader, you’ll have instant access to the famous Von Schrader telephone “Hot Line”. Use this exclusive line to get the help you need at any time with any question you might have. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a technical cleaning problem, or a business operations question. Our seasoned, expert staff will provide you with whatever guidance you need.

Best of all, this service is available to you for as long as you own your Von Schrader equipment – no matter how frequently you use it — without any additional fees or time limits.

Service and Support

Call 1-800-626-6916
M-F 8:00-4:30 Central Time

For Information On:
- Machine Operation
- Machine Service
- Spot Removal
- Technical Support

Order Desk
Call 1-800-826-1600


"These machines are actually worth their weight in gold! They run for years without breaking down, and if you ever need parts or advice you can call Von Schrader Technical Department. They will help you and answer all of your questions. No matter how many times you call they are NEVER rude or unprofessional.
– Jim

" It's almost ridiculous how much they stand behind me and my equipment. If I have any kind of trouble on the job - I need help determining the best way to treat a spot or an odor, I've never dealt with a certain fabric - they're right there to help me. But, I don't' pay any franchise fee... How do they stay in business?”
– John Curte





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