Looking for the best
wall & accoustic ceiling tile
cleaning equipment?

  Look no further than the VS3 Power Wall
& the VersaTile Cleaning Systems

VS3 Power Wall Cleaning and Sanitizing System

The Von Schrader VS3 Sanitizing Machine cleans walls and ceilings of all types: painted, marble, ceramic tile, washable wallpaper, cinder block, rough cement block, Spanish plaster, swirl plaster and rough painted brick. And the Von Schrader system is so mild it not only leaves the wall clean and sparkling, but allows painted walls to retain their original beauty for years longer, thereby eliminating frequent and costly repainting.

This inexpensive VS3 Sanitizing Machine, weighing only 20 pounds, cleans walls and ceilings 4 times faster than by hand... with material costs of less than 50 cents per day. The VS3 cleans one-third faster than other machines... because there are only two instead of three operations. The special Von Schrader detergent eliminates the rinsing operation. Because of this, labor costs are cut by one-third, and the amount of wall area that can be cleaned in any given length of time is one-third greater. No costly or experienced operator is necessary. Your most inexperienced help can learn to do a perfect, streakless job in a matter of minutes. There is nothing to disrupt since no drop cloths are needed.

Operation is Simple
The cleaning solution is pumped electrically through 25 feet of tubing to the washing glider where the flow of solution is controlled by a unique push button on the handle. As the operator moves the glider across the wall in an easy, smooth, stroking motion, a thin film of cleansing solution is deposited which loosens the dirt. Then following along with a buffing glider, the surface is cleaned and dried. The result is a perfectly clean wall with no streak or overlap marks accomplished with a minimum of effort and a maximum of efficiency. The right glider for every job. Now with more speed, options, and convenience!

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VersaTile Cleaning System
The VersaTile System cleans all types of walls and ceilings faster and better at less cost. Washable walls and ceilings represent the largest cleanable space in many commercial buildings. Conventional cleaning methods are too costly and time consuming. The VersaTile System is the answer! It washes walls and ceilings 4 times faster than by hand. The cost of wall detergent is exceptionally low for 8 hours of cleaning. That's true value on every cleaning job you do.

No Dripping, No Mess
You quickly apply cleaning solution to washable walls and ceilings with our lightweight washing glider. Remove soil and remaining detergent with the buffing glider. No need to wring sponges or dip squeegees. There's no rinsing, dripping or streaking and no drop cloths are needed. Now you can clean any washable wall and ceiling surface up to 18' high, with one remarkable system.

Ideal for Acoustical Tile
Nearly every existing and new commercial building contains acoustical ceiling tile which needs to be cleaned to improve Indoor Air Quality and appearance. Painting isn't practical, because it's more expensive and destroys the acoustical value of the tile. Replacement is simply too costly. The VersaTile System offers thorough and fast one-pass deep cleaning of acoustical tile. It easily cleans smoke, grease, oil, dust and pollutants in one application. And our exclusive, environmentally safe detergent formulation gives you superior cleaning results-for all types of porous and nonporous ceiling tile.

No Other System Can Compare

  • Exclusive built-in vacuum system - powerful and quiet for faster, more effective pre-vacuuming around vents, diffusers and heavily soiled areas.

  • Exclusive "anti-fatigue" counter-weight pole system – quickly attaches to telescoping poles and provides comfortable balance and less reach fatigue at greater heights.

  • Completely self-contained – absolutely everything within easy reach. Built-in storage cabinet for components and supplies. Ready-access side mounting clips for poles. Plus integrated hose and cord storage.

  • Portable – The entire unit fits into hatchback car, mini-van or station wagon. Easy-grip cushioned handles for convenient loading/unloading. Strong tubular steel frame with black epoxy scratch-resistant finish. Large, non-marking 8" diameter wheels for easier movement on stairways.

  • Super quiet, self-priming pump delivers a constant 50 psi pressure.

  • Exclusive lightweight, non-marring, extended-reach wall washing gliders with "Drip-Arrester" – Plus, the new "quick-lock" telescoping poles reach up to 18 feet without scaffolding or ladders, and they’re much lighter and more stable than conventional "wands."

  • Environmentally safe detergent solutions.

CLICK HERE to learn more about and order the VersaTile Cleaning System.


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