Von Schrader provides you with
an environmentally-friendly,
non-toxic, and thorough clean.

  Von Schrader cleaning systems and supplies are
– and always have been – safe for your family,
pets and the environment.


At Von Schrader, we know how important product safety is to everyone — whether it be our family or yours. That’s why providing only the highest quality, safe and reliable products remains our primary company objective.

To ensure that we continue to deliver on our promise, all Von Schrader products:

  • Utilize highly concentrated products that result in less water waste and reduce landfill accumulation of empty plastic containers by offering bag-in-a-box packaging.
  • Feature labels with ingredient statements.
  • Contain no toxic, hazardous, or regulated chemicals and are biodegradable.
  • Contain no volatile organics, nor any harmful indoor or outdoor environmental pollutants.
  • Have never contained – and will never contain – heavy metals.
    Produce no toxic by-products in the cleaning process.

Providing Safer Detergents

With concerns throughout the world about the breakdown of cleaning products in the environment, at Von Schrader, we’re taking additional steps in product stewardship.

Even though 99+% of the product manufactured by The Von Schrader Company already meets the EU Detergent Directive, we have signed on as a Partner with the EPA's Safer Detergent Strategic Initiative. By fall of 2008, all of the products that we manufacture will be made with surfacants that are classified by the EPA and the EU as "readily biodegradable", and we will apply as a Champion of the EPA program.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these or other environmental problems involving our products, we welcome your comments and will be happy to discuss them with you. Material Safety Data Sheets are available for all products manufactured by the Von Schrader Company.

Ensuring your quality of life by protecting indoor air quality.

The Von Schrader Company strives to produce products that protect indoor air quality with the least impact on the environment. Our products are unique in the carpet cleaning industry, with the lowest water exposure (least damage to natural carpets, less chance of mold/mildew, and allow immediate use).

With worldwide sales, 99+% of the products manufactured by Von Schrader already meet the EU Detergent Directive. A computerized formula system controls what ingredients can be ordered, preventing unsuitable substitutions. An Engineering Change Notice and a meeting are required for any changes.






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