Von Schrader has become one
of the best known and respected
names in the cleaning and business opportunities industries for a reason...

  We’re Committed to Quality  

Our Quality Commitment

There have been many changes over the last 70 years but one thing has always remained the same...
Our commitment to you:

  • You will receive the quality cleaning systems, skills and confidence you need to provide the highest quality cleaning services to people and institutions world wide.

  • Our goal is to ship your orders on a same or next-day basis.

  • The products and services you receive will be continually improved to ensure that you will be able to thoroughly and safely clean the newest carpet, upholstery, wall and ceiling materials.

  • You will receive on-going training and industry news and information to keep you enlightened and competitive.

  • You will receive a level of of service that exceeds your expectations.

Our Quality Assurance

With just a few exceptions, Von Schrader manufactures all parts and electrical motors that go into our equipment in our own factory in Racine, Wisconsin. We also develop and manufacture all cleaning products used in our machines.

Because of this personal control and our constant collaboration with the technical staffs of major fiber and carpet manufacturers, we stay ahead of the times and can assure you that you’re receiving the newest and finest products available.

Our Quality is Worldwide
Our machines and cleaning products are shipped all over the world.

People in far away countries need equipment that's efficient, dependable and trouble-free, so it's only natural they've chosen to become associated with Von Schrader in order to do the finest work on a great variety of unusual and delicate fabrics and surfaces.

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