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  Von Schrader: A History of Success.  

In 1935, in the midst of the Great Depression, an enterprising young man named Francis Von Schrader dreamed of helping people find ways to help themselves.

Despite the economic depression, he left his position with a nationally known company in the electric appliance field and started the Von Schrader Company with nothing but a goal and a shoestring budget of less than $5,000.

What Fran wanted to sell was not merely carpet cleaning equipment but an opportunity. He believed that if given a chance, industrious individuals could develop and build prosperous, independent businesses. He was right.

Over the last 70 years, more than 50,000 people have become Von Schrader “Associates."
(Associates are people running their own companies using of Von Schrader equipment and programs.) Through the success of our Associates, Von Schrader built its own quality reputation.

Today, more than ever, you can find success with proven Von Schrader systems.
More than 70 years later, Von Schrader Company has expanded its business to include many major industrial clients and business entrepreneurs worldwide. We’re constantly improving our equipment to meet today's rapidly changing carpet and upholstery fibers. But, our commitment to you remains the same:

• We will provide customers with the interior cleaning systems, skills and confidence in order for them to perform to their maximum efficiency and to provide premium performance cleaning systems to institutions world wide. We will ship filled orders on a same or next-day basis, and preserve customer confidence in a way that enables our customers to assure their customers of high quality performance. We will recognize, when applicable, areas for improvement in order to assure the quality of our products and services so as to satisfy the expectations and conform to the requirements of our customers.

• We will provide on-going training and current information to our personnel in order to keep them enlightened about any or all relevant developments in the cleaning industry. We will do everything we can to provide you with a level of service that exceeds your expectations.

• We offer world class training through our on-the-road and company headquartered schools and conferences.


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