Go ahead and challenge our
claims for yourself.

  Conduct Your Own Residue Test.  


When it comes to providing the best value – deepest, long-lasting clean at the lowest overall price — Von Schrader supplies are superior. We invite you to see for yourself exactly what we mean by conducting your own residue test.

Here’s how:

  • Prepare 3 different detergent solutions according to manufacture directions (use Von Schrader Detergent for one of them).

  • Pour a small amount of each diluted solution into a separate saucer or ash tray.

  • Allow all the water to evaporate, or place in a warm oven until all water disappears.

  • Scrape the remaining residues with a penknife or fingernail. Von Schrader residue will break up crisply into fine particles. High resoil detergent residues will roll into gummy, tacky lumps that quickly pick up traffic soil, resulting in fast resoiling after cleaning.

Advanced On-Location Resoiling Testing and Results
Von Schrader takes our quality claims very seriously. We don’t say it unless we mean it. So, to ensure that we’ve earned the right to stand alone as the best value, we took the residue test to the next level and tested the resoil characteristics of carpet cleaning and maintenance actually on-location.

Illustrated are two sections of a piece of carpet cleaned with Von Schrader and another detergent, then placed in a factory entranceway, turned end-to-end each day to get equal soil distribution and wear, then vacuumed at the end of each day for 21 days. The unretouched picture clearly shows the superior soil resistance of the Von Schrader cleaned section #2.


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