12 (and more) Reasons why
Von Schrader is...

  The Best Business Opportunity Available.  


When you’re ready to take the leap and start your own business, look no further than Von Schrader. Whether you plan on working full-time or part-time, Von Schrader is the ideal partner to help you find the financial freedom and independence you’ve been dreaming of. Here’s why...

  1. You don’t have to give up your current job... unless you want to.
    In fact, most Von Schrader Associates start out working just part-time, while still keeping their regular jobs. They work in their spare time, be it evenings or weekends. Then, when their business grows large enough, they say goodbye to the grind and hello to being their own boss, setting their own hours, and making more money.

  2. No experience necessary.
    One of the great things about starting a business with Von Schrader is that you need no previous experience or training. We show you everything you need to know to run a successful, money-making business of your own. Age, sex or race is not a factor. We even offer training to teach you everything you would need or want to know about owning a carpet cleaning business — absolutely free!

  3. You can make good money.
    It's not uncommon for Von Schrader Associates to earn $50 an hour or more on a job. Many report earnings of $300-$400 or more a day. But, like all things, it’s all going to depend on you. If you’re willing to commit time and energy to your business, the money will follow.

  4. Get started with just a small investment.
    For less than the cost of a big screen TV, you can start your own professional carpet cleaning business. Compare that to other business opportunities out there who can easily charge ten times as much! Plus, you don't even have to send any money to get started as a Von Schrader Associate. You can simply put the cost on your Visa, Master Card, American Express, or Discover .

  5. Financing is available.
    Although the cost of going into business with Von Schrader is just a fraction of what some others charge, you may still need some help getting started. If you qualify, Von Schrader can help finance you with our generous Time Payment Plan. You can spread your payments out over a year or more. You don't even have to pay any credit card interest if you make your monthly payments on time, because we will bill the amount due each month. Your cleaning jobs should easily cover this cost and provide you with plenty of extra income besides.

  6. Finding customers is easy.
    Unlike so many other types of businesses, the need for carpet cleaning is universal. Just look around your own community. Every home, every apartment, and just about every business establishment - offices, banks, clubs, restaurants, stores, hotels, churches, schools, and much more need your services. Provide good service to a few and your business just seems to snowball!

  7. Get the training and support you need – for as long as you’re in business
    Nobody else... and we mean nobody... gives you the type of help you get from Von Schrader. From getting you set up and into business for yourself through our free training school, to answering every one of your questions on an individual and personal basis — There is no limit to the ways Von Schrader assists you. But the best part - all of this training and support is free just for being a Von Schrader Associate.

  8. Don’t pay fees or royalties — ever.
    Unlike others in this field, Von Schrader doesn't take one penny from your profits in the way of franchise percentages or any other type of fees. You keep all the money for yourself! Others charge you as much as 5% to 10% of what you earn. That's a lot of money! You end up in business for them instead of yourself. Those franchise fees can make a big, big difference in your total annual income. Furthermore, with a franchise, there are strings attached to the ownership of your equipment. You have to read the fine print in their contracts before you find this out.

  9. Amazing Results – customers flock back to you.
    Go ahead - try the equipment in your own home. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to use, and even more amazed at how clean, bright and fresh your carpet looks. Then, invite your relatives, friends and neighbors to see the results, but be prepared for the business they’ll throw your way in return! Also, you don't need to buy a truck or van. You can easily transport any Von Schrader machine in a regular car.

  10. You’ll be starting a business with Von Schrader — one of the most trusted names in the cleaning equipment industry.
    Von Schrader carpet, upholstery, wall, ceiling and acoustical tile cleaning equipment has been used for years by maintenance professionals of convention centers, civic centers, airports, universities, and fine hotels worldwide. Plus, Von Schrader is affiliated with Green Seal, International Sanitary Supply Association, the WOOLSAFE Organization, and many more.

  11. Your satisfaction is GUARANTEED!
    You’ll receive our 2-way assurance of satisfaction. You’ll get our 30-day performance guarantee that all equipment will perform as advertised and/or stated in all literature, or you can return it and get your money back. Plus, you’ll receive a FULL 1 year warranty covering parts and labor on all equipment.

  12. Start your business now.
    Pick up the telephone and call 1-800-626-6916. An Associate Counselor will assist you. Or CLICK HERE to get your FREE “Best Business Yet” DVD and information on starting a successful business delivered directly to your door.

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